Learning Walk BM

Learning Walk Panatia BM oleh Cikgu Tagiman The process of learning walks or walk-through as many classrooms is to get a glimpse of what is happening in classrooms , then provide *non-evaluative *feedback for improvement*. They serve as mechanisms to spark conversations and reflections on practice. The more we observe and talk about practice the…

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Tahniah Pasukan Nasyid

Tahniah kepada pasukan nasyid sekolah yg menjadi naib juara Festival Nasyid Bahagian. Tahniah juga kepada pengiring, Ustazah Ratizah, Ustazah Juniza dan Ustaz Awang.

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English Carnival

ENGLISH CARNIVAL. Date: 04 April 2019. Day: Thursday. Venue: SMK Tun Fuad Stephens. Accompaning teachers: 1. Anne Shirley ak Albert. 2. Jane Anselmus. 3. Caroll D’Owill. Participants: 1. Public Speaking: Kleffson Result: No 4 2. Poem Recitation: 1. Kasvinie Amin 2. Ellse Amin Result: First runner-up. 3. Scrabble. 1. Amanda Gloria 2. Mohd. Azemmy 3.…

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